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Friday, 1 December 2017

Smelly socks lead to arrest of Indian bus passenger

Man barely breathing over the smell of socks - Getty Images

A tourist from Bihar who was travelling from Dharamshala to Delhi in a Volvo bus has been booked for “causing public nuisance” after he allegedly got into an altercation with fellow passengers over stinking socks.

The incident took place when Prakash Kumar, 27, took off his socks and shoes in the bus. Passengers asked him to put them away or throw them, which he refused and the situation emerged to a heated exchange between him and other passengers.

Even the driver and conductor got involved and stopped several times to resolve the issue and asked Kumar to throw the socks but he refused to budge. Passengers then forced the driver to pull over at the police station to file a complaint against Kumar.

Police registered a case of causing a public nuisance against Kumar. He was later released on surety by the sub-divisional magistrate Amb, under whose jurisdiction the area falls.

Later, Kumar filed complaint against fellow passengers alleging that his sock did not stink but they quarreled with him for no reason.

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